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This is where the lede goes. A lede should provide a brief, enticing overview of the post, giving readers a good sense of what to expect from the article. (also use as meta description, I believe he said..verify)

Here’s some normal text that expands a little further, perhaps providing background on the post, why it was written, etc. It can be skipped if the writer prefers to dive directly into the first secondary heading.


Junk Removal and Hauling Service that Will Take Any Job Big or Small

You can add other secondary headings by typing a short, keyword-rich sentence, then clicking “Heading 2” in the Styles portion of Word’s Home ribbon.


What you’ve got right there is a tertiary (or third-level) heading (H3)

Tertiary headings are a great way to introduce an important concept that is still related to the topic of the secondary heading. For instance, if I were crafting a post about writing at different times of the day, I might have a second-level heading “Writing at night.” After a little explanatory copy, I might add a tertiary heading “Writing at night in public.” See? Tertiary headings are great for drilling down to a more detailed subset of a larger, more general topic.

Sometimes it really helps a reader to summarize key points, or break up longer sentences, in a bulleted (or “unordered”) list:  (my notes: bulleted list, ordered, numbered list is good)

  • This is the first of this article’s many important points
  • And here’s the second
  • Summing up, there’s this thing you should know

Steps in a process, such as “How to save a Word document as a template,” can be nicely broken down with a numbered (or “ordered”) list:

  1. Here’s the first thing you should do
  2. Then do this
  • In some cases, steps may need to be broken down into several smaller
  • actions
  • Like so
  1. And finally this


This is another secondary heading (H2)

It introduces another major topic in the story. Before you get to the related links section, you’ll want to sum up your main points again, suggest the reader take some sort of action next, or

Articles related to “This is the post or page’s title” (h4)

Be sure to include the article’s title here so you can get it another heading tag. You can include links in a narrative, semantic manner, or you could put them in another list, perhaps with some unique styling:
➔ Here’s a story all about heading tags
➔ This one covers common design patterns—for copy
➔ Download Something that will make your life much better
(H4 call to action- my notes)

My notes- good writing follows good structure — page is about one particular thing


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